Ever noticed this hidden playing card design secret?

We adore a hidden design secret, and while this usually applies to logos, sometimes something special pops up elsewhere. This one has been hiding under our noses for, well, forever – and it's currently blowing minds. May we present the secret behind the humble playing card, the Eight of Diamonds?

A Twitter user (below) has asked how old users were when they realised the Eight of Diamonds contains a secret number '8' and the answer from many was: today years old. It's as good as the treats hidden inside the world's best logos.

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Indeed, in one of the best uses of negative space we've seen, the white space between the red diamond symbol resembles the number. It may take a while to spot it – but once you do, you'll never be able to unsee it. If you're struggling to make it out, here's a handy visualisation:

Playing card

8 marks the spot (Image credit: Future)

Twitter users were blown away by the revelation, sharing no shortage of GIFs to depict their mind-blown state. 

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Some may be still struggling...

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So one helpful user has marked it out for you.

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We've seen some brilliantly creative card designs over time, from these 13 custom design playing cards to UNO's sleek, minimalistic new deck. But it seems we shouldn't be too quick to forget the iconic design of a standard deck of playing cards – it clearly still has a few tricks up its sleeve. 

If you're looking for more design secrets, this brilliant infographic reveals the hidden messages in over 50 logos. But when it comes to the logo with the most hidden easter eggs, nothing comes close to this unbelievable video game logo.

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