New Spider-Man logo adds some bling to Marvel's Spider-Verse

Marvel's universes are so elaborate that it seems incredible that it's still finding new possibilities for its characters. We've already seen multiple alternative versions of Spider-Man across different media, but now the Spider-Verse is getting its strongest Spider-Man yet. 

Due for release next month, a spider-bitten Maestro adorns an upcoming cover variant. And he has an interesting take on the Spider-Man logo (see our top character design tips for inspiration if you're looking to create your own alternative characters).

The Maestro wearing his Spider-Man logo pendant (Image credit: Marvel)

The Spider-Man's logo has changed over time, but almost anyone will recognise it sitting on the superhero's chest in the centre of the web design that covers his suit. But a new Spider-Verse variant cover series coming out next month imagines a world in which the Maestro gets bitten by a spider and turns into an evil Spider-Man Hulk, with his own personal, ostentatious take on the Spider-Man logo design.

Who's the Maestro? Keep up, this is Bruce Banner's evil alter-ego from an alternate future universe, who first appeared in Peter David and George Perez's The Incredible Hulk: Future Imperfect #1 back in the early 90s. In this new addition to the Spider-Verse, he combines the strength of the Hulk with the power of Spider-Sense, having been bitten by a radioactive spider.

A detail from the Maestro Spider-Verse cover variant (Image credit: Marvel)

Cully Hamner's Hulk Annual #1 Spider-Verse Variant Cover shows the nefarious Maestro proudly sporting a very 'bling' Spider medallion on a gold chain over his bare green chest. Maestro being such an arrogant villain, it's logical that he would wear the symbolic design like a trophy around his neck in a way Peter Parker just wouldn't.

The other Marvel cover variants (opens in new tab) out next month include webbed-up versions of Emma Frost, Wolverine, Daredevil and the Punisher.

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