Apple's rumoured iPhone journaling app sounds impressive – and slightly scary

Apple's annual WWDC conference might be just a couple of months away, but rumours about the next generation of iOS have been notably scarce this time around. Indeed, we're not sure exactly what to expect with iOS 17, but recent reports suggest we could be in for a brand new app.

Rumour has it Apple has been working on a journaling app, designed to compete with third party tools such as Day One. Codenamed Project Jurassic, the app could include "deep integration" with various iPhone features – something that sounds both impressive and a little scary. (In the market for new gear? Check out the best iPhone 14 deals).

iOS 17 journal app concept

A fan-made concept imagining what the app might look like (Image credit: Parker Ortolani)

As reported by Wall Street Journal, the app will apparently be considered part of Apple's growing health offering, specifically aimed towards mindfulness and mental health. As the report notes, research that shows  journaling can help with depression and anxiety.

But what could set the app apart from rivals is its ability to interact with other iPhone features, with access to information such as contacts, location, workouts and more enabling it to determine what a "normal day" looks like.

What's more, the app will also, apparently, feature "All Day People Discovery," which will track the user's proximity to others, and even be able to differentiate between colleagues and friends.

Day One

The founder of journaling app Day One suggests his app has been 'Sherlocked' (Image credit: Day One)

On one hand, this integration could turn Jurassic (which will definitely not be called that) into the most powerful journaling app around. But, while Apple is certainly vocal about its privacy responsibilities, the idea of a new app that can read messages and phone calls is already causing alarm among Apple fans on Twitter.

And what's more, the app sounds like a continuation of one of Apple's more nefarious habits – 'Sherlocking'. This is the name fans have given to the practice of taking a rival app and, through the deeper integration that only Apple can achieve, essentially crushing the competition. Indeed, Day One founder Paul Mayne told Wall Street Journal, “It’s always the worst thing to have to hear that you’re about to be sherlocked".

Still, time will tell exactly what the app will look like, and whether third party apps should be worried. In the meantime, take a look at every iPhone 15 rumour we've heard so far.

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Daniel Piper
Senior News Editor

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