What is your landscape worth!


As we continue with the fire recovery efforts and claims adjustments are being issued, Firma Design Group has been instrumental in assisting fire survivors in the valuation to replace the damage caused to their landscapes.  Most people don’t know that their landscape is typically 5% to 10% of their home value, but adds about 15% to its overall worth.

In an effort to help homeowners recover some of these costs FDG has been engaged in providing replacement and code upgrade estimates that can be submitted to insurance companies for supplemental increases to their claims.  This requires the review of any existing plans, photographs and site visits to collect the data necessary for the estimate.  Our years of experience in providing statements of probable construction costs, enables us to provide accurate estimates to replace what they once had. In addition, we review when the landscape was originally installed and provide a code compliance estimate to bring the new landscape up to current State or local Model Water Efficient Landscape Ordinance (MWELO) and CAL Green compliance.

As part of this community and survivors of the fires, Firma Design Group will be here to help assist in the recovery and rebuild efforts. We continue to look for ways to assist our community and provide valuable services to our clients. If you are in need of assistance or just need clarification of the rebuild process, we are here to support you.  We can be reached at (707) 792-1800.