Welcome Jim Del Carpio


Firma Design Group is pleased to introduce our newest Landscape Architect, Jim Del Carpio.

Wanting to relocate to Northern California, specifically Sonoma County, for some time he saw the job opportunity and wasted no time in taking it.  Jim brings to FDG 28 years of experience and a lot of enthusiasm.

We asked him some questions, read his answers below to get acquainted with him.

What led you in the direction of landscape architecture?

The idea and activity to design in and onto our physical environment.  As a young boy growing up next to an open, uncultivated three-acre field, I and my neighborhood friends would enjoy the constructing of bike/moto cross trails, jumps over water and “whoopee doos,” high berms in consecutive sequence and difficulty.  Furthermore, we would also dig up secret tunnels and dens, build secret forts and tree houses made out of locally found materials.

How long have you practiced Landscape Architecture/Design?

I have practiced landscape architecture and design from an early age of 12 years old, see above.  My formal education began in my late 20’s, early 30’s when I began to work with a landscape designer/builder.  I haven’t stopped since.

Where did you attend college?

Prior to transferring to Iowa State University, I nearly completed a two-year Associate of Arts degree in Landscape Design and Construction from South Seattle Community College.  I received my Bachelor’s degree with dual majors in Landscape Architecture and Environmental Studies from Iowa State University.

Where did you begin your career?

My professional career started prior to attending Iowa State University.  For several years,  I worked and constructed residential landscapes with a landscape designer and builder in Tacoma, Washington.

Why Firma Design Group?

Along with wanting to relocate here, I was drawn in by Firma’s diverse portfolio and services they offer to the community, with this I had no question as to whether or not I wanted this job.

Outside of work, what do you enjoy doing?

I enjoy seeking and discovering new landscape (environmental) areas, the history, culture and recreation opportunities.  When not actively involved in outside activity I like to listen to music and lounge around the house.  I like to travel and would like to participate in adventure travel, preferably with my girlfriend.

Jim can be reached at 707.792.1800, ext. 108 or by email jim@firmadesigngroup.com.