BallettoIt was our honor to be approached by the Balletto Family to design the entry monumentation and driveway remodel for Balletto Vineyards.  In 2013/2014, we assisted the Balletto’s with a large production building addition.

Our aim is to create an entrance experience as prominent and tasteful as the establishment the family has created.  In our vision for the entrance, we are incorporating a multi-level natural stone Gate Elevationwall that grows larger as you approach a custom, subtlety-symbolic gate.  The driveway that leads off the main road and funnels through the gate will be paved with concrete pavers and accented by colored-concrete banding.  The site, located on rural Occidental Road, called for grasses and perennials that would blend in with the formal country setting prominent throughout the Balletto’s property.  The materials used 2017.06.13. PLANT_PALETTE5in this project were selected to compliment each other, the winery itself, and its surrounding environment.  The intent of the proposed design is to signify visually the main entry of the winery.