JULY = Smart Irrigation Month

SIM-Logo-ColorWe should have already installed a Smart Irrigation Controller.     It’s not only a greener idea, but these systems are convenient, save water and save money.

Smart Irrigation Systems are automated systems that can monitor sun exposure, temperature, wind,  soil moisture, evaporation and plant water use.  They automatically adjust your watering schedule while protecting your landscape investment.

Mike Cook, our Vice President here at Firma Design Group, is a  Certified Landscape Irrigation Auditor (CLIA), #00008031.  He can ensure you will get the most up-to-date, “truly smart” irrigation system, which fits your specific needs.

Being a Certified Landscape Auditor enables one to quantify and analyze landscape irrigation water use, make maintenance recommendations, determine irrigation uniformity and efficiency, develop  irrigation schedules and manage overall irrigation water use.  With a continuing education requirement to maintain one’s license, CLIA’s are well versed on the most up-to-date products and procedures.  To read more, click here.

To  contribute toward a truly sustainable landscape, below are additional considerations to explore to complement your smart irrigation system:

  • Rainwater Harvesting.  By capturing and storing rainwater you will have a supplemental water source for irrigating a landscape.  There are many forms of harvesting rainwater along with local regulations.
  • Green Walls.  A vertical, vegetative “living wall,” a green wall can be freestanding or part of a building and can help reduce the overall temperature of the building, improve the aesthetics and can even aid in water reuse, purification and retention.
  • Fertilizer Injection Systems (fertigation).  Fertigation is derived from the combination of fertilization and irrigation, this allows you to fertilize and irrigate a section of turf in one simple step, making it easier for nutrients to infiltrate plant root zones and eliminating the need for watering above and beyond the irrigation system’s scheduled program run time.
  • Audit your Sprinkler System.  Hire a CLIA to conduct an IMG_7038irrigation audit and uniformity test to verify areas are being watered evenly and appropriately, and make necessary adjustments.


To read more on Smart Irrigation systems, click here.  You can also contact Mike Cook at (707) 792-1800, x103 or by email at mike@firmadesigngroup.com.