Saving Water is…

Always a Must.


Even after  very heavy precipitation this winter, which exceeded  our target supply, we should always keep in mind how important it is to conserve.  On April 7th, 2017, Governor Brown lifted the Drought State of Emergency in most of California, which was implemented back in January 2014, while  stating, “Conservation must remain a way of Life.”

Here at Firma Design Group our Landscape Designers can help plan and design a sustainable landscape by introducing smart plants, which adapt to our climate, promote plant health, all the while, drastically reduce their water needs.  Our Designers are well versed in water smart plants.  Having the right plants and planting guidance can save in upwards of 70% – 90% of landscape irrigation water. Here in Sonoma County we are lucky to   have many Water Smart Plant Nurseries, Click Here, for your Water Smart Plant Guide.

Now how about a challenge?  We want to see how many gallons of water you save in a month.  It’s easy, just select a few water-saving tips from Sonoma-Marin’s water-savings calculator to start saving more than 20 gallons per day, both indoors and outdoors. Click Here, for the calculator.  For instance, did you know that just by shortening your daily shower by 2 minutes will save you 5 gallons?  Or, by fixing a leaky toilet will save you 30 gallons? Having a water-efficient drip irrigation system, 20 gallons or more?  Having a smart irrigation controller installed, 40 gallons?  A lot of ways to save a valuable resource. Make sure you comment the amount of water you saved.





Welcome Ryan Connelly

Ryan Connelly 002

Join Firma Design Group in welcoming our newest AutoCAD Designer, Ryan Connelly. Ryan became interested in drafting as a young boy after being shown his Grandfather’s work. We are so glad to have him on our team. Following are his responses to a few questions we asked him.

What drew you into AutoCAD Drafting?
My maternal Grandfather was a drafter for Joseph Esherick and I had been shown his work at a young age, which peaked my interest. I started drafting classes starting in high school, with Bob Lombardi, who taught hand-drafting and architectural design. After completing high school I enrolled in AutoCAD courses offered through Santa Rosa Junior College.

Where did you attend college?
Santa Rosa Junior College with the focus on Architectural Design and Construction Management.

Have you interned or worked in this field prior to joining our team?
While attending classes at the Junior College I was encouraged to apply for a position with Summit Engineering. I worked with Summit until 2008, spending a year and a half with the Electrical Division and 2 years with the Waste Water Division. I started working with G Family Construction/G Design in 2013. While working with G Design I helped to complete architectural projects for Design Review including, ground-up residences in San Rafael and Fairfax, remodels over 4,000 square feet in unincorporated Marin and retaining wall projects within set-backs that required the application of variances.

Why did you choose to work for Firma Design Group?
Being able to return to beautiful Sonoma County and the diverse array of projects Firma Design Group has in their portfolio.  Having worked with a general contractor who had started his own design-build firm, I helped clients to determine the potential development of their property with respect to: lot-coverage, floor area ratio and setbacks; It was these elements that I thought I could contribute to Firma Design.  I enjoyed the unique aspect of each property and think that Firma’s work with developers and municipalities will allow for new challenges and goals to be set for myself.  Also, their pro bono work for Habitat for Humanity, Social Advocates for Youth (SAY) and other non-profit organizations along with their many winery projects and projects in both the public and private sector grabbed my attention.

Outside of work what do you enjoy?
I have a passion for mountain biking and cycling in general. Aside from cycling, I enjoy live music, hiking and hanging with friends and family.

Ryan can be reached at (707) 792-1800 or by email at

Nicole Haggadone Office Manager

Join us in welcoming Nicole Haggadone as our Office Manager.

Firma Design Group’s background and vision were the key attributes that drew Nicole in our direction. Nicole comes to Firma Design Group with many years  of work experience  with firms specializing in  Staffing, Recruiting and Private Security.

She is excited to learn and grow with Firma Design Group while pursuing her online degree in Human Resources.

Nicole enjoys spending time with her family and young daughter, learning photography and enjoying the beautiful Sonoma County outdoors whether on land or on the water.

Nicole can be reached at 707.792.1800, ext. 116 or by email at