Bay Friendly Landscape Qualification

We wrote about Steve Kovanis, Bay Friendly Landscape Professional a few months ago (July 11, 2013 @, but we felt it was important enough to repost and talk a little bit more about the Bay Friendly Landscape Professional and qualification program….

The Bay-Friendly Coalition addresses the following challenges:

  • California’s water supply is limited and under increasing pressure. Up to 30% of urban water use goes to landscaping. (This is our drinking water!)
  • Landfill space is scarce and there are significant economic and environmental costs to transporting and landfilling plant debris. In Alameda County alone, 110,000 tons of plant debris goes to the landfill each year.
  • Local creeks and the bay are impacted by inappropriate use of pesticides, affecting human health and wildlife populations.
  • Traditional landscape construction and maintenance practices of mow, shear, and blow contribute to greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution.
  • Biodiversity, ecosystem services, and aesthetic values of Bay Area natural resources are at risk.

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Steve Kovanis, our Landscape Designer ( is the qualified landscape professional.  Over the last several months, in our interactions with clients, other professionals, etc., we believe that the additional education and certification of Bay Friendly Landscape Professional has come in ‘handy’ many, many times.  This certification program provides the education and certification to know the regulations, sustainability and plant material to assist the natural economy and the San Francisco Bay habitat.