More parking….Higher Rent!

I read this article earlier this week and thought this article had a lot of great points…

The more parking there is on an infill project, the less room for living space, which in turn creates less rentable space…so, the end result is higher rents!  It is time for our Cities to jump on board with the idea that less parking is better than more parking.  Parking is one of the biggest wastes of land in the United States.  Let’s start looking at better ways, more productive ways, to provide useable space for land in our country.

Sustainable Winery Development

A partner of ours, Centric General Contractors, posted a great blog posting recently that talks about the importance of building wineries and visitor centers with utmost care and concern with the environment.  Firma Design Group is a ardent supporter of building sustainably, and with the environment/surroundings in consideration.  Please check out their blog at and comment here or there.  We are full supporters of building sustainably, and we can assit winery clients with a sustainable site plan, wastewater system, visitor experience and tasting room.

Please contact us should you have any questions!

Mike Cook receives licensure in State of Nevada

Mike Cook, V.P.
Mike Cook, V.P.

Michael Cook, Vice President of Planning & Landscape Architecture of Firma Design Group, a planning, engineering and landscape architecture firm headquartered in Petaluma, California has received final approval by the State of Nevada for licensure in landscape architecture.  As a licensed landscape architect in Nevada, Firma Design Group will be able to assist existing clients with projects in Nevada, municipalities in Nevada with landscape architecture needs, and new clients looking for a different perspective for their site planning and landscape design needs.

The Nevada State Board of Landscape Architects ( grants licensure and Mike was granted this in

State of Nevada seal
State of Nevada seal

May, 2013 and license number 916.

The State Board of Landscape Architects was formed by ordinance 623 which defines what a landscape architect legally can do and who can call themselves landscape architects. (

Our location in Petaluma serves our clients well in Nevada, with less than a 3 hour drive or 1 hour flight.  We look forward to working with our clients and our new clients in Nevada for the coming years!