Our Facebook donation will be $51 to the Boys and Girls Clubs of Central Sonoma County!

Follow the wall
Follow the wall

Thank you to all of you for sharing our blog and our Facebook page to friends and family!  We were able to gain 6 additional “likes” on Facebook (www.facebook.com/firmadesigngroup) and several comments on our blog page (www.firmadesigngroup.com/blog).  When we posted, we were at 95 likes and got to 101 likes thanks to all of you!

We will be making a $51 donation to the Boys and Girls Clubs of Central Sonoma County, thanks to all of you!

We hope you have a great weekend, it’s going to beautiful!  Plan your backyard renovation and then call us to help you head in the right direction!

Our 101st Blog posting – 100 likes on Facebook!

I just noticed a weird, or maybe not so weird coincidence!  I began to write my blog post for the week and I noticed that last week was our 100th posting on our blog.  Wow, have I really written that many blogs?  I couldn’t believe it!


Then, over the weekend, I noticed we were at 95 likes on our Facebook fan page (https://www.facebook.com/firmadesigngroup) and I posted a brief request for additional likes – up to 100 – and we would donate $50 to the Boys and Girls Club of Central Sonoma County (http://www.bgccsc.org/).  So, to get from 95 to 100 likes, was pretty easy…after offering the donation.

Something everyone forgot though, is that if we go over 100 likes (we’ve been at 100 since Sunday), we’ll donate $1 for every like to the Boys and Girls Club of Central Sonoma County!


So, while we’re reaching milestones on our social media, let’s try to reach a milestone with our donation to the Boys and Girls Club of Central Sonoma County!  It doesn’t cost anything for you to like our page, we only post pictures of our projects, and do a weekly blog…so why don’t you like our page?




Our beautiful Facebook Page
Our beautiful Facebook Page






















And lastly, check out our LinkedIn page at http://www.linkedin.com/company/firma-design-group?trk=hb_tab_compy_id_2024675


Why our economy is strong!

Firma Design Group (Michael Cook and Steve Kovanis) attended the Wine Industry Conference hosted by the North Bay Business Journal as sponsors of the exhibits.  We displayed our strong qualifications for winery & vineyard owners, managers and staff in civil engineering and landscape architecture.  There were over 450 people in attendance and it was a great event!

Giancarlo Bianchetti, Chief Executive Officer of Fetzer Vineyards, was the keynote speaker and something very specific that he talked about was the reason for investing and continuing to work in the State of California and specifically Sonoma County.  The first and most important reason is:


California is at the heart of the biggest market in the world!

And, if you think about it, it’s true.  California is truly in the center of it all.  We’re just across the pond from China (where immense investment is occurring), we’re adjacent to Mexico and not that far from the East Coast and the Europeans.

California also has the ability and diversity to reinvest in itself!

We have some of the most successful internet companies, winery companies, and others that are located in California.  One of my favorite quotes of the day was Giancarlo talking about how people throughout the rest of the world view California:

California is branded as a place of innovation with worldwide impact.

All of this is coming from a new resident of California from the country of Chile.  This is one of many reasons that Firma Design Group is located in Sonoma County. California.  We have an amazing community and amazing reputation throughout the world.


To building our economy much more!