Firma Design Group is committed to Walnut Park in Petaluma

Firma Design is proud to be working with Maureen Frances and the Petaluma Valley Rotary Club on their project refurbishing Walnut Park in the heart of Petaluma.  Maureen and her club had been planning on refurbishing the landscape around the gazebo at Walnut Park last fall.  Then, in December, the Veterans’ Memorial plaque was stolen from the park for an unknown reason, but presumably for the metals in the plaque.  The plaque has not been found and during the holidays, the Petaluma community rallied around the plaque, the refurbishing project of Walnut Park and became fully committed to replacing the plaque.  As you can see in this Argus-Courier article (, Maureen is working on the finishing touches for the new plaque, the Rotary Club is working on fundraising for the landscaping and the community is fully behind this project.

We are honored to be involved in this project and look forward to seeing the finished plaque and attending the dedication on May 30, 2013, exactly 44 years after the first plaque was dedicated.  If you live in Petaluma or area  veteran, please support this project!  You can get in contact with the Petaluma Valley Rotary Club at their website,, or the Petaluma Historical Society at their website,


Dan Hughes named Director of Engineering

Dan Hughes, P.E.

Firma Design Group is pleased to announce that Dan Hughes, P.E., Director of Engineering has joined our team to continue the excellence in engineering our firm has been known to complete.  Dan has over 12 years’ experience, the last several serving as a plan check engineer and senior engineer with the Cities of Mill Valley and Gilroy and  prior to that as an owner with DVC Group and a Construction Manager with Delco Homes.


Dan joined Firma Design Group in 2012.  As Director of Engineering for Firma Design Group, Dan is responsible for engineering oversight of the company and its 8 employees. Dan is responsible for Quality Assurance and Control and is the Engineer of Record for projects completed by the firm. Dan manages the engineering and office staff. Dan has been managing Waldo Point Harbor which is a 12 million dollar project that includes the management of a team of Architects, Civil, Structural and Geotechnical Engineers, Biologist, Planners and Landscape Architects

Firma Design Group works throughout the Bay Area, and are looking forward to bringing Jerry’s expertise to our projects, as well as to the many agencies we work with.

A Good Habit

I was trying to catch up on reading some magazines last night and two totally different magazines that I read had articles about doing good things with your expertise and business.  We have always felt that giving back to the community is a very important aspect of our professional lives and at Firma Design Group, we continue to do that.  In this article in the Landscape Management magazine,, the company assisted their local Habitat for Humanity affiliate with lansdcaping and she says:  “our intent is never to perform stewardship to receive recognition, but rather for the personal satisfaction of knowing it gave to others who are less fortunate.” 

Firma Design Group is involved with the Habitat for Humanity of Sonoma County ( in many ways.  We have been involved with that organization for about 8 years in many different forms.  At this moment, we are working with them to develop a 5 home subdivision in Cotati, California.

It truly is a blessing to be able to help less fortunate individuals and families realize their dream, but that isn’t all that Firma Design Group does.  We donate money to different organizations, we have helped California Parenting Institute and United Way with a street frontage landscape installation (we did design and installation with National Instruments of Santa Rosa) at CPI’s headquarters during United Way’s Day of Caring, we have assisted Bernard Elementary School with a deck design and installation, we have worked with the Santa Rosa Community Health Centers to help them design a garden in front of their Roseland facility and much more.

It is our pleasure to work with individuals and non-profits to help them with their dreams and projects.  It gives us great pleasure to do do so – and at the same time – it makes our community BETTER!