Corporate Water Conservation – We’re here to help!

At Firma Design Group, we know there is a steady increase in peoples’ desire to conserve water – for the good of the environment, but also for realization of cost savings that are pretty easy to do!  We are currently working on numerous corporate campus and corporate office building projects that area all try to get rid of their large expanses of ornamental turf and put in drought tolerant, low-water use and low-maintenance plans.  It is a trend and we are at the forefront of the trend – with our experience, but also with our design innovations.

The following is an excerpt out of an article published in “Water Efficiency” magazine.  The image to the right, I thought was very interesting and wanted to include it here.

Scott Thompson, project manager at Irrigation Management Systems (IMS), Portland, OR, agrees that universities tend to show a higher commitment to conservation, but he adds that landscape can often play a role in a corporation’s public image.

“We have some large properties like Nike and large business parks,” says Thompson, “and they put a lot of money into their landscaping and want to look great, yet still conserve water.”

IMS manages Nike’s irrigation system with Rain Bird’s Maxicom2, central control system. It allows the monitoring and irrigation of many different parcels of property or landscaped sites from a single computer-accessed controller. The Nike campus comprises more than 150 acres, but Thompson observes that intelligent irrigation is no longer limited to big grounds with big budgets.

“Smaller commercial areas are finding it affordable to upgrade their controllers,” he says, “and with rising water costs, especially in California, these businesses are much more interested in conserving water.”

There are many ways that your corporate facility could save water, with little effort – one of them being install a SMART irrigation controller that uses EvapoTranspiration (ET) data to adjust the irrigation times and quantities.  Please contact us with any questions about your facility.

Acacia Lane Senior Apartments is open

Petaluma Ecumneical Properties (PEP Housing) has opened Acacia Lane Senior Apartments in Santa Rosa.  The project was engineered by Firma Design Group, designed by Robert W. Hayes Architects, Sausalito, and constructed by Midstate Construction Corporation, Petaluma.  Completed in June 2012, the project was developed in partnership with HUD and the Housing Authority of the City of Santa Rosa, along with Bank of Marin, the Federal Home Loan Bank of San Francisco, Merritt Community Capital Corporation, and Silicon Valley Bank

Situated on 1.3 acres, the site now hosts two apartment buildings with 44 units ranging in size from 600 to over 700 square feet, and an 1,800 square foot community center.