Hawk Hill restoration

The National Park Service, through the GGNRA and National Parks Conservancy, is making major renovations to the Marin Headlands, restoring them to their natural beauty, and rebuilding the Coastal Trail.  Hawk Hill, overgrown since the military left the area decades ago, is being cleared and renewed, combining the natural hardscape and the historic military structures.  This area will soon be host to more user friendly pathways, seating areas, and vistas.  Roth LaMotte Landscape Architecture is the lead design consultant, and Firma Design Group is providing grading review, drainage design, and erosion and sediment control design.

Cloverdale Dog Park

As you probably know, once in awhile, a great opportunity arises in your professional career.  We, at Firma Design Group, we afforded that opportunity a

Alternative #1: Cloverdale Park
Alternative #2: Cloverdale Park

Alternative #1: Cloverdale Park
few months ago with a group trying to develop a dog park, skatepark and little leage field in Cloverdale on a City owned parcel.  We have provided our time pro-bono, as we understand the difficulty in being a non-profit without a project.  The Cloverdale park is a great project to be associated with and we are excited for what this project will turn in to.  The folks behind the Cloverdale dog park, skatepark and little league field are dedicated volunteers that are looking to improve a non-developed site into a recreational haven for the youth of Cloverdale.  I admire their dedication and their interest in bettering the community of Cloverdale.

We have posted a couple of alternatives that we have developed for them, as I said before, pro-bono.  Firma Design Group is dedicated to these volunteers.  With our previous experience in developing the programs for dog parks throughout the Country, we felt like this project presented itself for a reason!

We are really looking forward to developing this project further and assisting these three wonderful non-profits!

San Francisco Redevelopment Agency Small Business Enterprise

Firma Design Group is proud to be a certified Small Business Enterprise (SBE) in the City of San Francisco, providing Civil Engineering and Landscape Architecture services.  Our company is in the City’s Agency-Certified Business Directory, and we are active in several projects in San Francisco at this time.  If you need an SBE on your project, or a multi-disciplined firm with civil engineering and landscape architecture, please contact us.  Firma Design Group is also a certified SBE for the State of California.

SBE Certificate

Commerical Renovation, Redwood City

Firma Design Group has been retained by Seaport Centre I, II, and III  and C.B. Richard Ellis (the management company) to assist with the renovation of the streetscape within their more than 80 acre corporate campus in Redwood City, California.  The streetscape consists of both sides of over a mile of roads.  Improvements being considered include new trees (removal of existing Poplar trees for a species that is more appropriate), new sidewalks, new plazas, pedestrian elements, eemoval of earthen mounds, native landscaping, Bay Friendly maintenance and installation guidelines and much more.

Just moving into the Conceptual Desisgn phase, we have attached several documents to this post so that you can take a peak.  These are preliminary drawings that we are still developing, but it gives you a good idea of Firma Design Group’s capabilities.  Marty Goldsbrough, President and Michael Cook, Vice President are the Principals-in-Charge.


Why Invest in your Landscape?

Why would you invest in your landcape?  Well, we here at Firma Design Group have many reasons that we would love to talk to you about, but, I found an article by the Landscape Instituate (England) that does a wonderful, non-bias, description of why you should invest in your landscape.  Please see the text below:


“Investment in the landscape makes sound economic sense – the evidence is compelling. When landscape is placed at the heart of the development process, developers profit while businesses and communities reap the economic benefits.

Landscape architecture encompasses a wide range of activity from planning and design to scientific research and management, in both rural and urban areas. Studies that have been completed demonstrate many benefits, including:

Creating spaces that users can connect with both physically and emotionally – leading to benefits for local businesses such as increased footfall and time spent.

Focusing attention on the value of the built and natural environment in the regeneration process.

Delivering reduced development costs through the intelligent use of existing landscape features and the imaginative disposal/incorporation of construction waste.

Realising increased saleability and rentability of both private housing and commercial property.

Optimising the full development potential of a given location.

A key feature of landscape its ability to deliver a range of social, environmental and economic benefits at the same time. This represents an approach to development and placemaking which makes the most of our landscape. The need to tackle challenges such as housing supply, climate change, biodiversity loss and water management remains undiminished, despite the current economic downturn.


As you can see, the landscape of a project, being your residence, housing development, commercial renovation or any of a wide variety of projects, is a large part of the success of your project, and having it designed right is even more important.  At Firma Design Group, we pride ourselves on designing the appropriate landscape for each and every project and would enjoy the opportunity to discuss a project that you may have or that needs a landscape architect!


999 Grant Avenue goes vertical

The basic site improvements and foundation have been completed, and now the vertical steel is being installed at 999 Grant Avenue in Novato.  Once complete, this two-story commercial building at the southeast corner of Redwood Blvd. and Grant Avenue will improve upon a much maligned corner building that stood vacant for years.  Firma Design Group performed the civil engineering design, including a detention pipe for landscaping that eliminated the need for an irrigation meter from the water district.  Crome Architecture is the architect, and Devcon Construction the general contractor.  Circle Bank is the builder.

Vertical Construction at 999 GrantVertical Construction at 999 Grant