Free Waterwise Homes Tour, Saturday, February 4th, 10am-4pm in Windsor

The Town of Windsor will be doing “free” tours of waterwise home and gardens in the first weekend of February!  Firma Design Group is very fluent with design and installation of waterwise gardens, rain water harvesting and many other techniques to save our most precious resource – WATER!


Did you know that rainwater can be harvested and reused to grow food,
irrigate gardens and landscapes, recharge groundwater, and build habitat? Grab
your umbrellas, and we’ll show you how! The Town, in partnership with Daily
Acts, invites you to spend an afternoon learning the basics of rainwater

The day begins with Christopher Peck who, in addition to the basics, will
teach you how to create landscape features that mimic naturally occuring
rainwater catchment systems. Christopher has nearly twenty years of experience
teaching and practicing permaculture, a method of ecological design based on the
self-sustaining processes found in nature. You’ll come away with an enormous
wealth of knowledge, equipped to embark on your own rainwater harvesting

Next, you’ll have the opportunity to talk with two homeowners who’ve
incorporated rainwater harvesting strategies in their landscapes and added
re-purposed rainwater catchment tanks to their property. They’ll address
firsthand the cost, feasibility, and challenges they’ve faced and answer
questions you might have.

You’ll also get to view their easy-to-install, affordable, residential
greywater system, which diverts washing-machine water to the landscape,
installed last year during a Daily Acts’ hands-on workshop. Join us for this
inspiring day soaking in incredible rainwater and greywater solutions galore!
Don’t forget your galoshes and raincoats, this tour will take place rain or

Registration is required by calling 707-789-9664


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