Sonoma County Building Economic Success Together (BEST)

Proud Investor

Marty Goldsbrough, Michael Tarnoff and Michael Cook of Firma Design Group are proud to announce that we have committed to supporting the Santa Rosa Chamber’s Building Economic Success Together (BEST) over the next five years.  The BEST program is an effort of the Chamber and local business and elected leaders to build an economic development program for Sonoma County that will directly address our current economic issues.

The Sonoma County BEST program will directly provide the following:

Fully-implemented over the five-year period, this $3.25 million dollar program is projected to generate:
* 4,100 jobs
* $155 million in consumer expenditures
* $37 million in state & local tax revenues
* $87 million in bank deposits

Our approach will always be collaborative, designed to build on our collective assets and strengths, utilizing all the BEST Sonoma County has to offer.


We look forward to working with the Chamber, BEST and local leaders in further developing and implementing the program for our region’s economic success!


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What do Landscape Architects do?

Have you ever wondered what a landscape architect actually does?  Well, read on, as we will explain exactly what they do!

Landscape architects work with homeowners to improve the function, value, and appearance of their properties. Depending on the client’s needs, landscape architects can provide designs the homeowner installs or that can be installed by licensed contractors. There are differences between landscape architecture and the other design professions. Architects primarily design buildings and structures with specific uses, such as homes, offices, schools, and factories. Civil engineers apply technical scientific principles to the design of city infrastructures, such as roads, bridges, and public utilities. Landscape contractors install their own designs or the design work of landscape architects. In order to practice landscape architecture in California, individuals must be licensed by the state. Licensure requires six years of education and experience in the field of landscape architecture and demonstrating entry level competency by passing the licensing examination.

Landscape architects are qualified and knowledgeable about most aspects of land-planning (including remodeling of your single-family residence landscaping, development of a single-family residence, and larger projects).  They work with all consultants listed above to provide you with the best outcome to a property.

◆ Discussion of client needs and preferences

◆ Analysis of property features and constraints

◆ Development of a preliminary design plan to illustrate the client’s ultimate vision within the constraints of the property and budget

◆ Verification of compliance with applicable codes and ordinances

◆ Review of the design with the client, making refinements

◆ Assistance in obtaining approvals from jurisdictional bodies, such as city or county planning departments, and professional neighborhood planning groups, homeowner’s associations, associations of landscape architects

◆ Coordination of work with other design professionals or prospective clients.

◆ Providing construction drawings (details, specifications, plant lists) used to obtain bids and implement design

◆ Assistance in obtaining bids from contractors

◆ Construction observation or review of work in progress for proposals to compare relevant qualifications, prices and quality consistency with design intent of work.

Courtesy of (Landscape Architects Technical Committee)


Sonoma County Residence: Relocation of Trees Completed

As of Saturday, August 6th, Environmental Design has relocated and finalized the planting pits for all three large Oregon White Oak trees (28″, 20″ and 4-6″ sizes), and we are happy to say that no tree injuries occured and no human injuries happened!  The staff and the crane company did an amazing job of maintaining the safety of the trees!  The trees look great and you can see the process in the past few posts, as well as the pictures above.

Here is a movie as well:  MovingLargeTree


Sonoma County Tree Relocating

As of 8:00 am this morning, we have relocated two out of three trees very successfully.  This afternoon, Environmental Design will tackle the largest and most tricky tree relocation.  Please see below for pictures.

Affordable Senior Apartments construction under way

Jobsite grading and utilities progress

July 19, 2011 – Acacia Lane Senior Apartments in Santa Rosa, CA is under construction.  The underground utilities installation is well under way.  The 1.3 acre site will become 44 affordable housing units, ranging from 600 to 730 square feet, as well as a 1,800 square foot community center building.  Firma Design Group is the civil engineer on the project, and worked on concept and construction documents.  Architectural design is by Robert W. Hayes + Associates, and the developer is Petaluma Ecumenical Properties.