Sonoma County Residence: Relocating trees

The digging begins

Our Sonoma County residential project has begun.  We are moving three large Oregon White Oak trees (28″, 20″ and 4-6″ sizes), to locations that are not within the building footprints of our house or pool.  These trees are being relocated, as opposed to removed, because of our clients’ dedication to creating an environment on their property that is natural and unmodified to the extent possible.




The tree being dug and wrapped

Our trees are being dug and relocated by Environmental Design, a tree moving company out of Texas (but located in Northern California).  Their system is incredible and you can see the pictures below through the last few days.  They will be moving the trees next week, stay tuned!


Our trees are absolutely magnificent and we look forward to caring for them in order to create a wonderful outdoor environment for the residents.




The pipes drilled underneath the tree


City of Petaluma "Mulch Madness"

The City of Petaluma goes above and beyond the typical “Cash for Grass” programs. Our program, called “Mulch

Mulch Madness
Mulch Madness

Madness”, delivers water customers FREE mulch, compost, rolls of cardboard, a drip irrigation conversion kit and free California native plants to sheet mulch unused turf areas and convert their existing landscape into a beautiful water efficient landscape. Removing turf is actually detrimental to the environment as it is not allowed to be composted at the landfill (too many pesticies and synthetic fertilizers) therefore must be sent to the solid waste area of the landfill where it becomes a major methane gas producer. Keeping turf in place and sheet mulching over it is a much healthier alternative. To learn more about our Mulch Madness program, visit: