The best iPad cases in 2023 to protect your tablet

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The best iPad cases can serve a range of functions. Most obviously, they can help protect your tablet from damage. Whether you mainly use your tablet at home or tend to sling it in a bag, it can be damaged by being dropped, scratched, knocked or pressed too hard against another object.

But some of the best iPad cases can also serve as a stand, making your tablet more practical to use. There are also iPad cases with keyboards, which can allow you to turn the iPad into a mini laptop – great for working on the go.

Below, we make our pick of the best iPad cases for different uses and budgets, including the best cheap iPad cases, plush leather cases and keyboard covers. We've evaluated them based on functions, how sturdy the protection is, how good they look and value. Some of them are available in several colours and for different iPads, including the iPad mini, iPad Air and iPad Pro, but we also have a specific guide to the best iPad Pro cases if you're looking for more options there.

To check the full range of iPads now available, see our guide to Apple's iPad generations. If you want more iPad accessories, we also have guides to the best iPad keyboards and the best iPad stands. If you have yet to pick up a tablet, you can find some good deals in our regularly updated guide to the best iPad deals. For now, let's take a look at the best iPad cases around right now.

The best iPad cases available today

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Do I need an iPad case?

We won't argue that a caseless iPad feels and looks great, but considering their high price, a case can be reassuring. If you're only ever going to use your iPad at home, you might not want to invest in a case – just be careful with it and try to avoid dropping it or putting other objects on top of it, which can cause scratches. 

If you're going to travel with your iPad or put it in a bag for use on the go, we'd be a more nervous about using it without a case. Even inside a bag, things seems to somehow magically get bashed or scratched, often because they've rubbed against something either in the bag or outside. A basic iPad case can offer more piece of mind, while some of the more functional options can actually improve the tablet by providing a stand or keyboard.

How should I choose the best iPad case for me?

What makes the best iPad case for you will depend on your priorities and what you want to use your iPad for. If you plan to use your iPad for many of the tasks that you would normally use a laptop for, you'll probably want a physical keyboard, in which case it would probably make sense to get two functions in one and choose one of the best iPad cases with a keyboard included, such as Apple's own Smart Keyboard Folio or Logitech's Combo Touch.

If you'll only be using your iPad as a tablet via the touchscreen, a keyboard will be add unnecessary weight and expense, and you'll be better choosing from among the best iPad cases as your budget permits, and choosing a style that you feel is appropriate for where you use your device.

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